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Give us a call about your next project 816.781.4769

Our Safety

At Havens Construction, we know the value of safety.

No project or paycheck is worth an injury. That’s why Havens has a robust safety program.

Our employees receive 10 hours of safety training when they join the Havens team. And in the field, our folks are outfitted for their wellbeing. High-visibility clothing, hard hats, safety glasses, and hearing protection are standard. At Havens, we pride ourselves on following OSHA standards to stay safe.

We value our people, so we place a high value on safety. Each year, Havens holds a company-wide safety meeting. We also have periodic on-the-job training sessions.

All of our efforts are paying off. We’re providing quality work while keeping our team safe. And Havens won a 2014 Loss Free Award from Midwest Builders Casualty Group. This recognized our excellent safety record.

When Havens Construction is working for you, your project will be completed with care and quality in mind.

Havens Construction Safety